Shoe Exchange

How does it work?

We work with independent running stores, Ronhill and Hilly Socks Ltd to provide training shoes and spikes for athletes in South Africa. The way it works is simple:

  1. take your old (but reasonable - no holes!) trainers, give them a wash, tie them together with the laces
  2. bring them with you to the British Mile Relays and hand them in at registration in return for a £15 voucher from Runners Hub
  3. yes that means your team can collect £60 in return for the £30 entry fee and some old shoes you don't wear.....
  4. spend your new vouchers on nice new trainers with Nigel from Runners Hub who will be there on the night
  5. we will transport the shoes to the Hilly offices in Stockport
  6. in their next shipment to their South African factory, Hilly ship the trainers for free! (thanks guys!)
  7. from there they are given to disadvantaged young athletes near Cape Town
  8. you can look out for your trainers on the feet of future champions on our FB page British Mile Relays

Thank you for your support

ronan, aileen & alan